TARGIT releases major update for TARGIT BI Suite

January 25, 2012
The new update for TARGIT BI Suite, Service Release 1, gives the Business Intelligence solution a new look with the TARGIT Stealth Theme.

Single-click navigation bar
Most importantly, the suite now has a customizable navigation bar. The bar lets the administrator share important analyses, reports and dashboards with buttons in plain menus. This will give everyone in the organization a uniform and common presentation of the company’s data.

Also, the blue base skin color may now be changed to your preferred colors. This option enables companies to use their BI solution as part of their internal branding by applying their company brand colors.

Multi-browser support
With Service Release 1 for TARGIT BI Suite 2K11, TARGIT adds new browsers to the list for TARGIT NET. In addition to Internet Explorer, the newest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari can be used to access the web version of your TARGIT solution.

Better performance
As always, TARGIT have used various methods to improve either the actual or the perceived performance of the software. Examples are better overview of the content of the Properties tab, a nicer look for the drillpad tab, faster drawing of Scalable Maps, and the implementation of a new method for receiving query results from MS Analysis Services resulting in reduced memory footprint.

The Service Release 1 is available for download at the TARGIT Portal.


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