TARGIT BI Accelerator 6 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

March 02, 2012
The 6th generation of TARGIT BI Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been released and is ready for download.

BI Accelerator 6 is the most comprehensive version to date, expanding on both out-of-the-box content and options for user defined additions to the standard solution.

User defined Measures and Calculations
The user defined measures feature defines BI Accelerator 6. This few clicks approach to adding KPI's is very powerful and easy to use. Measures can be added from the standard cube transaction tables, or new transaction tables can be added and linked to standard and user defined dimensions for use in measures. Furthermore, calculated expressions can be added based on both standard and user defined measures and calculations.

Other Highlights

  • Open Purchase orders have been included in the standard Purchase (SCM) cube
  • NAV 5 and 2009: Item cost values in the Sales cube are updated from inventory value entries when the SCM business area is included in the installation
  • TARGIT BI Suite 2K11 SR1 (b4899)


Download and Support
TARGIT BI Accelerator 6 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is available from the NAV page or in the Download Center at the TARGIT Portal. For the best possible support, please use the built-in "Get Assistance" functionality or post your questions or problems to the TARGIT Support System at TARGIT Portal.

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