TARGIT releases major update for TARGIT BI Suite

July 06, 2012
The new update for TARGIT BI Suite, Service Release 2, lets you get physical with the software.

Interactive Storyboards
When creating a slideshow with your preferred Storyboards, you are no longer constrained to show them in one order with a fixed number of seconds between each slide. Now, you can flip back and forth between your slides, which will boost your presentations to your colleagues and co-workers. If you are using a touch screen, you can even swipe, zoom and pan around with your fingers.

Real-time BI
No more processing cubes when new data enters your database. TARGIT BI Suite simply fetches data from your relational database in real-time.

BIG DATA? Exasol support!
Storing lots of structured and unstructured data in your Exasol data warehouse?

TARGIT connects with Exasol and lets you analyze on your Big Data:

  • Definition of new business models
  • Competitive advantages due to the quick provision of analytically-obtained insights into operational business

Also, TARGIT now supports Analysis Services 2012 and SQL Server 2012.

BI Trend Monitor 2020

BI Trend Monitor 2020

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