New strategy should give tenfold revenue increase

March 18, 2013
Reaching the magic billion revenue figure in the Danish currency (approx. 200m USD) within the next 10 years is the main objective in a new business strategy launched by Boston-based BI & Analytics software company TARGIT.

“We are a good company. We experience steady growth, we make money and we win awards. But we have a potential that is much greater,” says CEO Mr. Morten Sandlykke and explains the details behind the strategy. “We want to grow faster. We will do so by putting our focus on Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX users. The Dynamics segment already makes up 80 percent of our existing customer base, and our software is based on Microsoft technology.”

The new focus changes the way TARGIT approaches the market. “In addition to increased investments in human resources, we invest time and money in an even better version of our core BI & Analytics product,” explains Morten Sandlykke. A new TARGIT solution is presented during Microsoft Convergence in New Orleans this week.  

In addition, the CEO aims to make sure that the message of a new TARGIT reaches the market. “We will revitalize the TARGIT brand with a new way of communicating. We want everyone to know who we are, but most importantly, who we can make a difference for with our product.”

TARGIT partners focusing on other data sources than ERP systems NAV and AX will remain part of TARGIT’s partner network. “Partners focusing on other segments than Dynamics are still welcome in the TARGIT family. But our own marketing resources will primarily focus on NAV and AX,” states Morten Sandlykke.

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BI Trend Monitor 2020

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