Continued growth in business software

June 10, 2013
Boston-based TARGIT’s annual accounts for 2012 show a continuous growth in business software. TARGIT realized 21m USD last year, and the operating profits settled comfortably at 2.5m USD.

”We are very pleased that we succeeded in breaking the record again this year. Especially because the figures include an enormous build-up for the future,” says CEO Morten Sandlykke. “Even though the company has been constantly developing since the very beginning, 2012 has been a significant year. We invested great resources in implementing extensive changes involving our strategy, technology and not least our image. With these changes, we turned up our expectations for the future. Especially in the global marketplace.”

TARGIT’s CSO, Flemming Madsen elaborates: “Our new strategy means that we have chosen to narrow down the field of potential customers. We want to focus on the users of Microsoft’s business solutions. Even though our product is compatible with all data sources, we practically ‘shoot from the hip’ by trying to aim our marketing efforts at everyone. Now, we focus especially on Microsoft users, and they will enjoy the increased attention. Of course, the changes will also be directly visible in our communication and marketing.”

The CSO sees a great potential in the new strategy, which is supposed to result in a tenfold increase in the company’s revenue in 10 years. 

In addition to a new strategy for sales and marketing, TARGIT has intensified the investment in the American market in 2012 by opening up yet another office. At the same time, they have hired more staff for R&D, marketing, support and sales.

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