TARGIT launches new Decision Suite

July 04, 2013
July 4th. It’s the day Americans celebrate their independence as a nation, and it’s the day that TARGIT is helping businesses declare their independence from wasted time and resources.

Decision Suite 2013 debuts on Independence Day and it includes several new features designed to give organizations the freedom to work more easily with their data and reach important decisions.

Decision Suite 2013 features a completely redesigned user interface that is built to help users move from one tool to the next quickly and intelligently. It’s all part of our goal of making the business decision process less intimidating and more fact-based.

Among the new features in Decision Suite 2013:

  • The Intelligent Wizard replaces the Intelligent Analytics tool and allows users to submit queries in natural language. For example, a user might ask the Decision Suite software to compare all sales employees’ performance over time (in those words), and the Intelligent Wizard will not only know what data to return, but in which format. The Intelligent Wizard learns from user patterns and behaviors and presents data in whatever format the user likes best.
  • Self-Service Analytics allows users to create new analyses on the fly, incorporating data from within and/or outside their data warehouse, and to share the resulting reports and analyses with other users in the organization for collaborative purposes.
  • In-memory analytics with TARGIT Xbone is another option for performing ad-hoc analytics of data outside the data warehouse. Bypass the need for IT’s help in creating new analyses and simply drop files into a folder to get started. 
  • A completely new user experience and interface design with innovative object definition that allows a user to build sophisticated analyses in only a few clicks. Dimensions and measures can be added using in-object searches (similar to tagging photos on social media websites) and visualized by selecting from the entire range of TARGIT object-types from within the object. Built-in intelligence even suggests the best chart style for the analysis and visualization. 

Plus much more.

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