TARGIT Named Best BI Solution in the World for innovation in the OLAP Analysis peer group

November 20, 2013
TARGIT Business Intelligence and Analysis takes top honors in BARC international poll on user experience with BI software.

BARC, one of the world’s leading companies for Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Content Management analysis, has recently conducted the world’s largest survey on user experience of Business Intelligence solutions, naming TARGIT No. 1 for innovation in the OLAP Analysis peer group. 

In the BI Survey 13, TARGIT excels as a leading vendor when it comes to visual data analysis in the areas of delivering business benefits, proportion of employees, chosen as standard, cloud BI, mobile BI, information design and innovation. TARGIT beats big players in the field in the category of Innovation.   

TARGIT is also leading vendor within agility in the OLAP peer group and customer satisfaction in the OLAP and Ad-hoc Analysis peer groups. The survey shows that TARGIT BI and Analytics users experience an especially high level of agility thanks to the solution’s easily adjustable parameters designed to fit any analytical need. TARGIT scores high ratings for speed of implementation compared to other OLAP vendors. The BARC survey includes the comparison of 30 of the world’s leading vendors of Business Intelligence solutions.

“It’s always a great feeling to be among the top as we experience in this year’s BARC analysis,” says TARGIT CTO, Dr. Morten Middelfart. “The result confirms that we have a strong solution that meets the users’ demands. This is also a contributing factor to why we have become the world’s largest provider for front-end and business intelligence for companies using Microsoft Dynamics.”

The BARC survey is based on 3,149 responses. This year, the survey was focused on competitiveness, innovation, performance, customer satisfaction, and agility, among other subjects.  

Review the survey here

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