TARGIT Introduces Decision Suite for Windows Phone

April 02, 2014
One of the world’s most popular Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms now available for even more mobile users

TARGIT Business Intelligence & Analytics today announced the release of TARGIT for Windows Phone, the newest mobility add on to the TARGIT Decision Suite. This is the third mobility release for the company, adding yet another device to the list. This makes TARGIT available on all three of the market’s dominant platforms, and available on your favorite device.

TARGIT for Windows Phone is a standalone lightweight Business Intelligence add on to the TARGIT Decision Suite that gives a clear overview of your business when and where you need it. Get instant access to the reports and analyses you created on the TARGIT desktop from home, on vacation, in the car on your way to the business meeting, or on location with a client. Anytime, anywhere, from any device. This is just the latest move in TARGIT’s mission to enable companies to make better decisions on the fly and share KPIs instantly and dynamically.

“We know how important mobility is today,” says Morten Holst, Head of Self-Service Analytics and Mobility, TARGIT. “And at TARGIT, we’re continuously working to expand and improve our mobility focus. Users want to be able to get information anytime, anywhere. That’s why we work directly with customer feedback of our products when designing new and improved software. This has resulted in a lightweight, fast and intuitive app, which we know our Microsoft Phone users will greet with excitement.

windows phone

“We designed the app with speed in mind, displaying the recently used files, mobility folder, and favorites folder in the entry point of the app. This ensures quick access to the information you find most valuable. Criteria settings enable users to filter elements of reports and analyses straight from their Windows Phone device, as well as drill down on data when they’re looking for more information. Notification agents pop up on your phone’s home screen when a deviation occurs within your business and action is needed.”

Be the first to know every time. If you want immediate access to your reports and analyses, you need TARGIT for Windows Phone. The new app is available now in the Windows Phone app store.

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