TARGIT COO Shares Business Intelligence Predictions for 2015

December 16, 2014

Boston -- TARGIT, the company behind market-leading business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform Decision Suite, today announced its top technology predictions for 2015 from COO Ulrik Pedersen:

1. Increased data governance

Companies are creating, accessing, and using incredible amounts of data from more data sources than ever before. With access to unprecedented amounts of information, companies are increasing investments in setting their data free to decision makers throughout the organization, creating an obvious need for a new role to control that data.

This new type of position must go beyond pure data management to include: understanding how it is being used throughout the company, identifying what information is most important for those uses and filtering out clutter. Today's BI solutions are so extensive, now is the time to clean up and focus on the critical objectives.

According to Gartner, the number of Chief Data Officers serving in global organizations has doubled in the last two years, and the research firm expects that by 2015, 25 percent of all global companies will have some sort of data governor in place. Data is invaluable, and ensuring optimal use by the right people at the right time will become a priority in 2015. 

2. The rise of embedded BI

Everyone has a daily business routine. Adding a new process to the to-do list might at first seem disruptive, despite whether or not it is ultimately good for business. As everyone knows, the more complicated a process is perceived to be, the less likely it is to be executed.

When a BI environment is not satisfactorily adopted throughout the organization, it can disrupt how reports, dashboards, and analyses are being delivered, complicating an otherwise useful business process.

The solution is to provide access to the right information directly where people are working. Embedding an analysis on the product card in an ERP system, or on the customer card in a CRM system, are easy ways to ensure BI is consumed when and where people need it most. Check out this blog post to see the importance embedded BI.

3. Simplified data visualizations

The average attention span is shrinking. In the face of constant bombardment of information, attention typically lingers on a single task for just eight seconds before something else demands it. 

Because of this, dashboards and analyses will become increasingly simplified to convey the most critical information in the fastest, most efficient way possible. With the number of roles and variety of ways different personas prefer to consume information, an analysis that is built for everyone is guaranteed to portray so much that very little value will actually be gleaned in the time employees devote to it. 

Data visualizations in the year to come will be designed for each specific persona and display only the most critical KPIs. To do this, every dashboard and analyses must be designed with the Goldfish Effect in mind. See this blog post for more information on the Goldfish Effect and for some inspiring before and after visualizations.

4. Increased data experimentation

In 2014, 73 percent of companies either had already invested in or planned on investing in Big Data solutions, according to Gartner. That didn't mean, however, that companies knew what to do with it. Gartner found that despite the dramatic rise in investment in Big Data, there was no corresponding rise in Big Data projects, signaling that companies weren't sure what to do with it.

As the interest in Big Data has risen, so have the tools to capture it. Users of BI tools can now easily pull in relevant external data to analyze independently or to mashup with an organization's existing internal data. 

2015 will be the year of experimentation as companies not only get their Big Data feet wet, but also play with the new and exciting ways that it can change their world views. Watch this video to see how tools like Data Service and Data Mashup make experimentation fast and easy.

"Each year around this time, we at TARGIT hash out what we believe the landscape of business intelligence will look like as the next year unfolds, something we believe is crucial to the fast-pace of this industry," said Pedersen. "Following a year hot on mobile BI, a Big Data explosion, and a shift to in-memory and cloud-based BI architecture, we anticipate even more advances in the year to come as businesses continue to realize the power of utilizing data to make smarter decisions."

The TARGIT Decision Suite is the market's most cohesive platform that integrates all data needed for real-time business action. To learn more, visit: http://www.targit.com/ 

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TARGIT is the maker of Decision Suite, the Business Intelligence and Analytics solution for all business users. With more than 18 years of experience in the BI and Analytics segment and more than 300,000 users globally, TARGIT has been consistently considered as a top player in the industry by Gartner and BARC. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for strong applications development. The TARGIT Decision Suite is the only BI and Analytics platform that delivers real-time dashboards, self-service analytics, user-friendly reporting, stunning mobile capabilities, and the market's simplest data-discovery technology in a single, cohesive solution. TARGIT gives companies the courage to act. For more information, please visit http://www.targit.com/ or follow us on Twitter @TARGIT.

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