Data mashup tools boost business intelligence, analytics efforts

August 10, 2015
TARGIT customer Swiss Farms talks about using TARGIT Data Service to optimize business.
Customer data can be valuable on its own, but when it's combined with other internal information and outside sources in a data mashup, the business benefits of analytics apps can skyrocket.

The enterprise data warehouse has more and more company as a go-to source of data these days. While straightforward business intelligence and reporting applications often rely almost exclusively on data warehouses, new BI and data discovery tools are making it easier for users to pull data from multiple systems and combine the information for analysis -- for example, in the form of a data mashup that mixes both internal and external data.

Read how Swiss Farms is utilizing TARGIT Data Service to harness external data for their drive-thru grocery and dairy business in Searchbusiness Analytics.

TARGIT in Searchbusiness Analytics

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