Interview with Gitte Sandlykke, CMO

September 04, 2015
Take a small peek into the brain of the woman behind the Marketing engine at the market-leading business intelligence and analytics company.
1. Could you tell me a little about your background and how you came to be the CMO at TARGIT?

I joined TARGIT in 2006 and have since transformed the marketing department from being a service provider under sales to being a strategic practice. In 2012, marketing became a c-level discipline and earned a place in the boardroom to lead strategy. These days, the department covers marketing and customer intelligence, branding, and lead generation through content marketing campaigns. I focus on balancing our inbound marketing efforts to educate the market on business intelligence and analytics with the more short-term outbound activities.

Originally from Denmark and currently living in Boston, I first came to the U.S. to work on an MBA, and was previously employed in marketing at a regional dynamics ERP vendor. Since transitioning from that role, I’m proud to be a member of the TARGIT team. I am also the mother of a 3-year old girl and a 5-year old boy.

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Gitte Sandlykke

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