A roundup of STIL press coverage 

March 18, 2016
A look back at the coverage around one of the largest and most ambitious TARGIT projects: education in Denmark.

Earlier this year, Denmark’s Ministry for Children, Education, and Gender Equality launched a new digital public platform by TARGIT that provides stakeholders of schools fast and flexible access to key performance indicators for primary schools. The tool was created to empower parents, students, administrators, and teachers with easy access to data on schools throughout Denmark to better make decisions on where their children would be best served and how to improve current academic programs. You can see it in action here: www.uvm.dk/skoletal.

Access to never-before-seen data has brought education into the national spotlight in Denmark once again, with some parents and administrators singing high praise for the tool, while others question the value of exposure to certain data as they continue the never-ending challenge to foster environments of well-rounded learning and emotional well-being for children across the country. In Denmark, it's always a healthy debate for the betterment of hte country, and we at TARGIT are proud to have created the tool that brings this important data to the country.

Here's a roundup of how the country has so far responded to this powerful new tool.

Print Media

Berlingske: “Don’t judge a school by a single number”

Politikken: "From now on you can compare good and bad schools” 

Politikken: “Huge interest about new digital tool that compares schools creates traffic overload and they decide to close the site for new users temporarily”

Berlingske: “Check out the lists: This is how your school performs”

Politikken: “This is how the grades look at your childs school”

BT: “The lists are here: How is your child's school doing?” 

Ekstrabladet: “Here you can compare middle schools”

Jyllandsposten: Interview with the Minister about the tool and lack of support from her fellow right wing parties “Right wing support for tool has faded”

Politikken: Anders Bondo (Chairmand of Danish Teachers) says, "This is nonsense"


TV2: “Now it’s easier to evaluate your child’s school”

DR: Claus Hjortdal comments on the solution, “It’s a waste of money”  


DR news online: “New digital tool: Check out you child’s school” 

TV2: "See at which schools the top grade students are in your municipality"

Folkeskolen.dk: Interview with the Minister Ellen Trane Nørby "Ellen Trane: Settlement with the hush hush closedness culture"

Social media: 

Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen posts his positive support for the new tool on Facebook: "The Minister of Education today launched a new tool….”

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