TARGIT Celebrates 20 Years in the BI & Analytics Industry with Recent Enterprise-Wide Customer Wins

December 05, 2016
TARGIT Decision Suite’s expanding footprint in the business intelligence and analytics sphere supported with the latest push to set data free throughout entire companies

BOSTON— TARGIT, the software company behind the market leading business intelligence and analytics solution TARGIT Decision Suite, today announced the latest group of organizations to select TARGIT’s solution as their enterprise-wide decision-making platform. As TARGIT celebrates its 20th anniversary year in the BI and analytics industry and continues record-breaking momentum, organizations continue to turn to TARGIT to help them become data driven.

“When TARGIT was founded, the technology landscape was far different than it is today, with business intelligence just becoming accessible to non-programmers and with the transition to mainframes in its infancy. Today, data is a more valuable asset than ever before. While our technology has evolved over the years, our mission has remained unchanged – to set data free for all business users in every department,” says TARGIT Founder and CEO Morten Sandlykke. “As organizations today seek to become truly data-driven, they continue to turn to TARGIT Decision Suite for our leading capabilities, including advanced analytics, deep data discovery, and user-friendly dashboards.”

The past quarter was particularly indicative of TARGIT’s continuous expansion throughout North America, with enterprise-wide implementations in three leading companies, among others: 

  • Indiana Limestone Company (ILCO), the premier supplier of Indiana limestone, selected TARGIT partner enVista’s Enterprise Solutions team to implement TARGIT Decision Suite on top of their Microsoft Dynamics® AX (Dynamics AX) solution to bring the company a new level of comprehensive industry analytics. Real-time access to critical data will enable ILCO to continue to lead the industry as the premier building stone provider.
  • Midwest Anesthesia Partners is an association of over 100 healthcare providers who rely on the organization’s commitment to quality and comprehensive and compassionate care in the areas of anesthesia, critical care, and pain management. The association required a solution that would allow it to gain insight into data on-demand and in real-time, and, working in the healthcare space, security was of utmost importance. The association selected TARGIT to help gain better insight into patient and facility data. Since implementing TARGIT InMemory, TARGIT Decision Suite’s in-memory database solution, Midwest Anesthesia Partners has been able to put the power of business intelligence and analytics into the hands of every decision maker, not just data scientists.
  • Westinghouse Lighting Corporation manufactures and markets lighting products for residential and commercial indoor and outdoor applications in the United States and internationally. The company is taking advantage of several capabilities of TARGIT Decision Suite, including: advanced reporting to automate creation and distribution of reports; proactive rather than reactive alert notifications for faster decision making; mobile access to dashboards, and; Data Discovery for ad-hoc reporting, allowing business users to analyze data in real-time versus waiting days through traditional data warehouse methods.

TARGIT has also recently been selected as the new standard in BI and analytics by several European enterprise organizations, including: KaDeWe, Germany’s premier luxury department store; Søstrene Grene, retailer of Scandinavian design home accessories, kitchen ware, gifts, stationery and interior furnishings; and Satair, a global leading provider of aftermarket services and solutions for the civil aerospace industry.

TARGIT Decision Suite is continually updated to stay ahead of customers’ needs, and the company will launch an updated version with exciting new capabilities in the coming month. For more information about TARGIT and TARGIT Decision Suite, please visit: https://www.targit.com/en/software/decision-suite. 


TARGIT is the software company behind TARGIT Decision Suite, the business intelligence and analytics solution for all business users. With an emphasis on people, it is our mission to transform entire organizations by revealing actionable insights for everyone to make better and faster decisions. The unique combination of our patented technology, proven methodology, and dedicated employees and partners is what enables us to help organizations around the world perform their best. TARGIT gives companies the courage to act. Learn more about us at www.targit.com and follow us on twitter @targit. 


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