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Business Intelligence Designed for Manufacturing

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A.W. Chesterton brings a local touch to a global business with TARGIT
Read how TARGIT worked with A.W. Chesterton not only to meet the company goals for a successful BI project, but helped employees set a more strategic, holistic approach to decision making.

Their challenges:
  • The company lacked a solution to combine data from all departments and locations
  • Employees struggled to find up-to-date information and lacked trust in data
  • Limited data was available for analyses, leaving reports largely estimated and budgeting and future casting prone to error

"TARGIT has helped us predict our coming budgets far more accurately, and it’s allowed us to better prepare our sales force to understand our customer base and their needs before they even understand they have needs."

- Tom Meier, Vice President of Information Technolgoy at A.W. Chesterton.

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