Understanding the Action Loop

Action Loop

Understanding the Action Loop is necessary for faster, better business decisions and outcomes.

Observation, orientation, decision, action. Known as the OODA Loop, it started as a military strategy and today is used by businesses and leaders around the world as a guide for making better, more informed decisions faster. At TARGIT, we call it the Action Loop and it’s the basis of everything we do.

Strategic BI must be designed to optimize the spinning of the Action Loop for faster decision cycles, making business decisions and processes run as quickly as possible. The more data-driven a company becomes, the faster the loops spin and the faster the right decisions are able to be made and actions are able to be taken.

A decision-making process that is firmly modeled on the Action Loop is the first step in an efficient, data-driven organization. Download the free eBook to learn how to design the right kind of Action Loops for your company.
Download the free eBook

This ebook covers:

Basics of the Action Loop - what is it?

How the Action Loop creates data-driven behavior

Defining the loops in your organization

How BI supports the Action Loop

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