How to Ensure the Highest User Adoption Rates for your BI Project


The guide to understanding the different audiences within your company and how a BI platform must accommodate their different needs

Did you know that more than 70% of all business intelligence projects fail to deliver on original business objectives? That's because these projects aren't designed with the end users in mind, creating a major obstacle in the goal of wide company adoption.

There are a number of distinct BI user personas, all of whom use and consume business intelligence in drastically different ways. The first step in implementing a solution that is adopted company-wide is to ensure that the platform accommodates the needs of these different users.

This guide will help you understand who those users are and how they work best.

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This ebook covers:

How to identify the different needs of users

Categories your BI users likely fall into

Designing reports and dashboards to serve each user

Why it's critical to consider each user's needs

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