Optimize your TARGIT Solution

Performance matters
The best scalability testing and performance optimization for your TARGIT solution
There are many factors that can impact the performance of your TARGIT solution, but there are three contributors that are most often the culprits: queries, hardware, and data structure (data model).

It’s our mission at TARGIT to ensure every user has the tools and knowledge they need to run their business intelligence and analytics project at maximum optimization for better, faster decision making. This whitepaper will walk you through the process of scalability testing with the five-step performance optimization guide.

In TARGIT Consulting Services, we strive for two optimization goals when we deliver solutions:
  • ETL goals: Full load of data should take no longer than three hours to run and incremental loads (daily loads) should take no longer than one hour to run.
  • Front-end goals: The top 10 most used analyses/dashboards and reports should take no longer than 10 seconds to load.
With this guide, you’ll be able to identify bottlenecks and improve performance of your TARGIT solution.
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This ebook covers:

What impacts performance

How to test scalability

Steps to optimize performance

Benchmarking across several other Microsoft BI platforms

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