Free Webinar: 
BI & Analytics in Retail - Turn your Retail Data into Dollars

When: On Demand
Presenters: Mikkel Oldenburg, TARGIT Practice Manager – Retail & Service

Join us for this free webinar and learn how to turn your data into valuable insight into orders, transactions, inventory, basket size, contribution ratio on items, customer behavior, sales performance, and any other critical business issues with BI & Analytics.

Incorporating BI into your solution stack could be the first important step on your journey to become a truly data-driven organization. Recent research shows that customer engagement analytics users in Retail actualize 10.5% annual increase in company revenue compared to 3.7% by those without analytics in the same survey. Don't be left behind.

We can keep stock levels 30-40 percent lower than before because of the tools TARGIT gives us. It’s a tremendous improvement in efficiency.
Carsten Lauritsen, CEO, Message

"TARGIT is a perfect match and wows upper management. We were sold on how easy and interactive the TARGIT Business Intelligence & Analytics was."
Catalin Momirla, IT manager, AerRianta International North America


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