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The Secret to Increasing BI User Adoption

More than 70% of all BI projects fail to deliver on original business objectives, according to Gartner. That's because those who are creating analyses aren’t considering the different user profiles across the organization.

Join Kim Hanmark, TARGIT EMEA’s Director of Professional Services, and learn how to identify the different users within your organization and design to them to expand your BI solution’s user adoption.

After this webinar, you’ll be able to answer questions such as:

  • Why do BI projects fail to be fully deployed and adopted by organizations worldwide?
  • How can I strategically plan and achieve a high BI user adoption?
  • What are the key BI personas I should design for and consider when deploying or expanding my BI solution?
  • How do I empower the different BI personas to get the best value out of the BI solution?
Designing a BI strategy with the end users in mind is a data visualization best practice. Learn how TARGIT Decision Suite tackles data visualization.
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