Soft Launch


This webinar is by invitation only. 
Date: May 25, 2016

TARGIT COO Ulrik Pedersen will walk through TARGIT's two new products powered by our exciting new in-memory technology:
  1. Data Discovery Unlimited - Upgrade of The TARGIT Data Discovery Module to handle more than 2 million rows per table (unlimited)
  2. TARGIT InMemory DB - TARGIT's standalone in-memory database

In this soft launch, we aim to to enable our valued partners' sales and consulting teams to begin using, marketing, and selling these new offerings. This webinar will cover the technical details on how to extract data and build models. We'll also explain our sales strategy and go-to-market details including positioning and pricing.

We'll be sharing some examples from our early customers who have integrated these new options into their day-to-day with huge success. 

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