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Fleet analytics: when, where, and how you need them

Faster decision making for your fleet

where, when and how you can be more efficient

Delivering the right information to the right person in your organization is key to running an efficient operation. TARGIT Decision Suite and Advanced Computing Inc (ACI) have seen first-hand what kind of impact an enterprise-wide BI platform can have in keeping the whole organization informed, making decisions quickly, and moving ahead efficiently. 

ACI was a longstanding partner, and it was acquired by TARGIT in 2018 for their 20+ years of experience providing CAT dealers financial insights and help to have more efficient fleet management. 


During this webinar, ACI and TARGIT teams covered challenges and solutions in each of the following areas:

  • Operational – current information on rental fleet turnaround time and utilization
  • Fleet Management – plan for the retirement and acquisition of individual units, work with sales on current and future demand
  • Financial – accurate profitability and financial utilization numbers

Take a deep dive into the Fleet Analytics solution built and delivered specifically for the CAT dealers. Watch now!
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