Bring actionable insight to your entire organization

Manage your efforts better with business intelligence

Every tool you need for deep analytics in a single platform

TARGIT Decision Suite is built on the philosophy that decision makers throughout the organization should be able to make intelligent decisions faster. TARGIT’s business intelligence and analytics platform unites employees, departments, systems, and software into a single, integrated solution deployed across the entire organization.

Imagine the possibilities when data is set free to those who need it!

Unprecedented insight is now at your fingertips with TARGIT Decision Suite:

  • With a few clicks, Sales team members can get full insight into customers, locations, trends, and product movement
  • Get real-time access to your KPIs and dashboards anytime, anywhere with TARGIT mobile BI
  • Share reports with users across the organization on a regular schedule or when triggered by events
  • Analyze how your customers interact with you
  • In addition, automatic notifications alert employees when a number falls outside of a pre-set parameter, so team members can act immediately

See how TARGIT Decision Suite offers every tool you need in a single platform in this Danish webinar February 27 9:30 AM CEST.

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