Real-time Analytics with TARGIT Decision Suite

Real Time Analytics

a step by step guide for how to run real-time analytics

As business intelligence becomes an increasingly critical part of daily business activity, real-time reporting and analytics is no longer a bonus feature; it’s a necessity. In order to be truly data-driven in all aspect of the company, data often needs to be up-to-date by the minute to ensure dashboards displayed on storyboards and mobile devices are giving the most accurate representation of the company.

This free guide takes you through the steps of setting up your TARGIT Decision Suite solution to run on real-time data. See what a difference real-time makes on your strategic business decisions.

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This ebook covers:

Step-by-step directions to run TARGIT Decision Suite on real time data

Building a data model for real-time

How to architect the back end of the solution

The differences you must be aware of in reporting

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