Gold Certified Microsoft Partner


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TARGIT is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and TARGIT Decision Suite integrates perfectly with Microsoft products.

Perfect synergy

The TARGIT back-end has perfect synergy with the Microsoft SQL Server Platform. The familiar Microsoft interface is used in the comprehensive Business Intelligence and Analytics tools from TARGIT. TARGIT is highly engineered to integrate with the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, which is undoubtedly the most robust and widespread OLAP platform available today.
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OLAP functionalities

Through TARGIT, users have access to all the traditional OLAP (online analytical processing) functionalities such as Consolidation, Drill-down and “Slice and Dice”. They are also able to use several of the analytic features unique to Microsoft SQL Server, such as drill-through and URL actions. 

Relational data models

In addition to the Analysis Services Integration, TARGIT supports (real-time) relational data models created directly on relational data in Microsoft SQL Server databases – a feature which lets Business Intelligence developers choose the technical approach best suited for a given situation.
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Need further info?

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