TARGIT Gauge Builder

Published by: TARGIT
Version: 1.18
Release Date: November 24, 2015


With the TARGIT Gauge Builder you can create great looking speedometer and icon gauges from your own images and use the gauges directly in your TARGIT dashboards.

TARGIT Gauge Builder has been updated with greater visuals to match TARGIT Decision Suite 2015.


  • A PC running Windows Vista or later
  • The gauges created with the TARGIT Gauge Builder may be used in all versions of TARGIT later than build 4614.


  • Install the application wherever you like.
  • Open the application and use the wizard to get started. It will ask you for images or to select a gauge that needs modification.
  • When the wizard is closed the main application appears with three small boxes in the left side and a canvas in the center.
  • To add items to a gauge simply select the layer you want to add an item to in the 'Layers' box and drag an item from the 'Items' box onto the layer. Items may also be dragged directly to the canvas.
  • Properties for the selected layer are available in the bottom box.When the gauge is done, save it on the server running the TARGIT ANTserver (default folder: "C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\VFS\Gauges") to make it available to the TARGIT users.

Important notice!

If modifying an existing gauge make sure you have write access to the gauges on the server.​

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