Touch Server Configuration Tool

Published by: TARGIT
Version: 1.1.144
Release Date: March 15, 2018


TARGIT Touch Server Configuration Tool is an app for installing and upgrading the TARGIT Touch Server. The tool must be installed on the server that runs or should run TARGIT Touch Server. The app automatically searches for an installed Touch Server. If it is found and a newer version is available for the installed version of the TARGIT Decision Suite, the Touch Server is updated when clicking “Update”. If no Touch Server is found, the Touch Server may be installed at a specified location by clicking “Install”. When run again, the app auto updates the Touch Server version if a newer version matching the TARGIT Decision Suite version exists.  


  • A server running Windows Server 2008 or later with .NET FrameWork 4.5.1
  • An official release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2013 or later
  • Either the TARGIT Windows Client or the TARGIT Web Client must be present on the machine where the TARGIT Touch Server Tool is installed.
  • Internet Information Services version 7.0 or higher installed. 


Download and install the tool on the machine where the Touch Server should run.

When the app auto starts after the installation, make sure the information in the fields is correct: 

  • Website: The drop-down list makes it possible to choose between existing Web sites – defaults to the Web site last chosen.
  • Application: Default name is /TouchServer. The name may be edited and then the field defaults to the new name when the app is run. Names may be chosen from the drop-down list.
  • ANTserver address: Default: Localhost. If the ANTserver is on another server, enter the ip-address or the qualified name for the server. 

After making the appropriate choices, install or update the Touch Server if a version is available. Information whether a new version is available is displayed below the fields. 

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