TARGIT Usage Statistics

Published by: TARGIT
Release Date: February 20, 2017
Compatibility: build 6208 or later


TARGIT Statistics is a small app that collects information about the data warehouse and users' usage of data. The app can give specific information about the amount of available data and documents and how much is used for a specified amount of time. The output of the app is a small report with information on the exact names of documents and metadata, that has been used for the specified amount of time. This is the perfect tool for cleaning up your data warehouse or get an overview of the most populuar documents in the Suite, which may be used to give these documents a more prominent placement. 


The TARGIT Statistics app requires TARGIT Decision Suite Build 6208 or later.


  • Install the application on the server running the ANTserver
  • Make sure you are logged in with a user with access to all data
  • Start TARGIT Statistics
  • If TARGIT is installed in a non-default folder, please change the settings and vfs directories. And if running standard authentication, please uncheck Windows authentication and specify user name and password.
  • The default number of days is set to 31, change this to your liking. 

Important notice!

The app only reads data from your solution. It does not change anything and running it does not affect your solution in any way. When the data collection is done, you are asked if data can be sent to TARGIT. Data collection is anonymous and only count of metadata is sent to TARGIT, so please spend a few seconds to pass along your report, to help TARGIT improve the Decison Suite.

Tip: If you get the error 'SQLite Error 5 - database is locked', some of the files used to collect data from, may be locked. Please try to run the app again later.​

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