Certified Professional Exam

Proof of your professional skills for developing and designing a data warehouse  & administrating a TARGIT solution

You're already a developer of SQL Server data warehouses and/or a professional TARGIT consultant, but you need a proof of your skills of handling the technical back-end of a TARGIT solution.

The TARGIT Certified Professional exam is available online or on-site version (selected locations worldwide).


To become certified, you must have completed the courses mentioned below. To pass the exam, you will need to be thoroughly versed in the areas within each course. Within a set time frame of five (5) hours, you will be required to solve some practical tasks that consist of designing one or more data warehouses. You will also be tested on the most important administrative functions in the TARGIT Management Studio. To pass the exam, you must have solved a minimum of 70 percent of the total assignment correctly.

Exam Subjects

The exam exercise will cover content from technical courses:

  • TARGIT Data Warehouse Developer Basic
  • TARGIT Data Warehouse Developer Advanced
  • TARGIT Backend Administrator


TARGIT Certified Professional is a five-hour exam

Class Selection

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