business intelligence solutions

Business Intelligence solutions

TARGIT Accelerators are prepackaged business intelligence solutions for a variety of data sources. The solutions consist of standard cubes plus ready-to-use analyses and reports that will provide the instant value of business intelligence. You also get the tools you need to expand your data warehouse. 

Install and analyze

Through a guided installation process, the Accelerator intelligently taps on to the source system and rapidly takes you through the process of setting up your solution. The administrator can choose to add further dimensions and measures so the solution reflects the specific needs of the business. Now you’re ready to analyze.

Develop your data warehouse quickly and cost effectively

Business intelligence accelerator

The Accelerator packages can be expanded and redeployed as your data requirements evolve over time. You can continuously add dimensions, measures, and calculated measures from any table within the primary source system; even from other data sources. You'll always have a business intelligence solution that matches your needs without blowing your IT budget on consultancy hours.

Tool kit to integrate
several data sources

Building a data warehouse with data from one source doesn't cut it. The true power of Business Intelligence comes when you add the ability to analyze across your different data sources. Integrate everything from budgets to CRM data with your ERP data. The Accelerators let you merge data from data sources such as excel and Microsoft SQL Server to your data warehouse. Fast and easy.

bia tool kit

No compromises, all SQL features remain

SQL Server

TARGIT Accelerators give you all the benefits of an accelerated implementation process without compromising full access to the advanced features built into the Microsoft SQL Server stack. The Accelerator does not tie you in any way to TARGIT technologies. It simply provides those timesaving shortcuts to the data warehouse work you do in the Microsoft platform.

We typically see Business Intelligence projects start with ERP and CRM systems

Choose where to start

That's why our accelerators are pre-built for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, CRM, and GP.

One of the key benefits of TARGIT Decision Suite is the speed that it brings to the decision-making process. With the Accelerators, we also add speed to the process of preparing data for analysis.

Dennis de Gier, Head of Business Intelligence Acceleration

dennis de gier

What's included with the TARGIT Accelerator?

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Quick installation of business intelligence solution with predefined cubes for your source system.
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Package of analyses and reports based on the data source
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Tool-kit to develop cubes with more dimensions and measures
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Tool-kit to add any data source and tap into the true power of business intelligence

Ready for Business Intelligence?

Not sure what the right business intelligence solution is for you, or if you even need it?