TARGIT Decision Suite 2018

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Look, feel & performance

We continue our journey to improve the look, feel and performance of TARGIT Decision Suite. Enjoy highly enhanced capabilities and a better user experience.

Improved Anywhere Charts

Completely updated charts allow for better browser performance, including faster loading, transition animations and resizing without the need to reload – all while reducing the load on the TARGIT Server.

New Anywhere UI

Say hello to better TARGIT Anywhere! Users can now enjoy a more direct link between the Anywhere user interface and the Windows client, as well as newly standardized title displays, and updated document browsing and criteria selection capabilities.

New Layout Object

The new layout object feature allows for better scaling and configurations. Now, one layout object can hold both images and text in multiple ways. We've also overhauled the selection of variables for dynamic content and made it possible for users to build their own templates to add to their deployment if the default layout options don't meet their needs.

Visualizing KPIs

The new and improved KPI object provides users with a more dynamic way to view performance measurements. Users can take advantage of the included templates or create their own, and the context of each field – including metadata and conditional text – can be formatted by our powerful label editor.

Better Trigger Options, Charts and Font Support

Additional improvements to TARGIT Decision Suite include:

  • Indicators for objects with triggers that appear when the cursor hovers over them
  • Support for custom fonts
  • New trigger options that allow users to open reports as saved or as a PDF, or export them to Excel
  • Sampling and outlier detection features in scatter charts

Windows-Specific Improvements

  • Updated menu objects now align with the features in the layout object 
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements 

A Better Experience

The new and improved TARGIT Decision Suite offers even more features to make users' lives easier.

Better Smartpad Behavior

Enjoy improved Smartpad behavior, including data that refreshes instantly when the object changes.


Thanks to new improvements, sharing from Anywhere is easier than ever. In addition to being able to create a share link containing criteria and drill state, users can now also use the export to Excel option to export the contents of all objects to separate tabs in a single workbook.

Cross Tab Titles

Title formatting for cross tabs now aligns with titles for charts and displays properly in Anywhere.

Comparison dialog

We've streamlined the dialog for creating comparisons to give users a comprehensive overview of comparison elements from a single screen.


The mobile client for TARGIT Decision Suite 2018 now uses the same chart engine as the TARGIT Anywhere client, allowing for better scaling, transitions and performance.

New Median & Rank Calculations

Users can now enjoy median and rank calculations as smart calculations in the Windows client.

TARGIT Data Service

We've added custom hierarchies to the cube editor in the Data Modeler to give users the ability to create a hierarchy they can drill from – such as Customer to Invoice and Item to see automated rollups. Users can also configure notifications on data source updates, allowing them to receive an alert if a critical dashboard isn't updated due to an issue with one of the 35 different connection types that TARGIT Data Discovery supports.


We've added a range of new features and functionalities across TARGIT Decision Suite 2018 to make it easier for administrators to bring the latest version of TARGIT to users.

Improved deployment of Windows client

TARGIT Decision Suite 2018 introduces a new client deployment process that automatically upgrades all client machines whenever the server is updated to a new version.  However, the advantages of this new deployment go well beyond automatic upgrades to include multiple client versions on a single machine and customizable shortcuts administered from the server.


Receive a notification if a global or individual schedule fails. Tabular users can now batch a schedule on ordinary dimension attributes.

Improved TARGIT Management

We've added a “soft kick-off” option for when someone tries to log in to TARGIT Decision Suite 2018 while another user is still signed in. When this happens, a small dialog box appears on the first user's screen to notify them that someone else is attempting to gain access. If the first user doesn't respond within a set amount of time, the second user is given access while the first is removed. Additionally, we're continuously working to improve the TARGIT Data Model Editor that's integrated in Decision Suite 2018.

Improved TARGIT InMemory Database

The TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio has received several improvements that will enhance the developer experience.

Resource Utilization

Another valuable new functionality is the ability to follow the resource utilization (CPU/Memory) during execution, along with the ability to cancel the execution of an ETL script during execution. The cancel functionality has also made its way into the TARGIT InMemory Scheduler Management where you can now get an overview of jobs being executed as well as cancel them on the Executing Jobs tab.

Data Integration

The TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio has received a new ribbon section called Tools. The section has a direct link to the Query Tool and also delivers a SQL profiler option that enables near real-time monitoring of SQL queries being executed by the database engine. This functionality does require the latest version of the Database Engine to function. 

Rearranged workflow

We’ve improved the feel when rearranging the workflow by requiring more precise drops. The individual steps now also have a right-click option where tasks can be moved to the top or bottom of the script. What’s more, to prevent accidental rearrangement of complex ETL scripts, each step can now be locked for rearrangement through the lock-function in the right-click menu.

Data Drivers

Data Drivers for TARGIT InMemory now support working with Excel files without header. We give you enhancements to the PowerBI and Salesforce driver and a driver for Trello. The new version also lets you retrieve data from the TARGIT Weather Service.

Import function

The Import function has also been improved by the addition of a USEDISK keyword, which lets you conserve memory while importing from data sources by spooling data to the disk before arranging it in columns. 

Database Engine

The Database Engine has received numerous updates including optimized balance-function, the ability to work with case-sensitive data sources and many more.


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