TARGIT Decision Suite Update 3

Even more features to make your life easier

Improved Designer Experience

The new grid layout and ability to design for devices are the stars of the show

new menu objects

Designers can create a new menu from scratch, insert one that has already been saved, or insert a role-based menu into any analysis for easier access to shortcuts for business users and consumers. Read more about new menu options below.

Improved analysis layout

The snap-to-grid option has a dynamic grid size specified in each analysis. This makes it significantly easier to align your objects. We’ve also added the option to see the size (in units) when resizing an object. This improves experience of aligning objects and distributing new objects evenly aligned with existing ones.

new communication protocol

TARGIT Decision Suite is now able to deploy in the cloud with true SSL security. We've made it easiers for designers to connect to the TARGIT Server through our new secure connection. No need for remote desktops or VPN clients.

Design for device

Set the target display device for better viewing. Set the resolution and DPI for the work area to design for specific devices such as tablets or smartphones. The ribbon now contains a number of devices that you can select to specifically proportion the dashboard for each device in a single click.

data modeler editor

We have written a new editor from scratch with improved user experience and new features. This standalone editor is automatically installed when editing the first data model in TARGIT Management. The editor keeps itself up to date by checking for updates when opened whenever connected to the internet.

Improved Consumer Experience

Easier access to data

improved anywhere client

We continue our journey of converting our charts to JavaScript throughout the TARGIT Anywhere client. In this update, we have converted the pie, donut, and funnel charts. TARGIT Anywhere also supports the aforementioned Bookmarks, popular documents, and the option to drill all objects out with a single click. It also adds the highly requested options to expand individual members in a hierarchy, as well as auto-filtering of the criteria bar.


The Favorites and Mobility have been replaced with a new Bookmark folder. This is a personal folder for each individual user. Users can save Bookmarks in the Shared and Personal folders. This delivers the option to have a master dashboard opened with different global criteria by different types of users in your organization. Bookmarks can also be defined for different users from the Roles section in TARGIT Management.

Drill out

TARGIT supports multiple drill down options. Now it's easier to get back to the original analysis view by drilling out with just a single click in the ribbon.

filter by data source

Users now have the ability to filter documents according to data source

Popular documents

A Popular Documents folder is now available on the start page to display popular documents across all users. Get inspired on your colleagues’ data insight. Available in all clients.

rectangle selection

Rectangle selection is now available on all charts with axes. Draw a rectangle around data members with the mouse to make a selection.

New Menu Object

More customization options for easier use

Multiple menu objects

Using multiple menu objects in the same analysis allows users to easily build and maintain full sets of dashboards and analyses.

custom menu style

The menu object can be added like any other object, and can be customized it to display an array of images and text with triggers to documents, URLs, file repositories, and actions.

Insert menu

Menus can be created, customized, and saved as a file. This makes it easy to insert a menu into any TARGIT analysis in just a few clicks. Menus can be added and re-used across the platform.

Easy placement

Menu objects of any style can be placed and resized anywhere on the analysis border -- vertically or horizontally -- with simple drag-and-drop technology for easy access.

Role-based buttons

Buttons can be hidden or revealed based on access to folders.

Natively implanted

The new menu object has been natively implemented on all of our platforms, including mobile, for a better experience and look.

Re-use menus

A single object can be reused across the platform and maintained in a single location.

Role-based menus

Menus can be set to be visible based on roles within the organization.

Improved Mobile Experience

Both our iOS and Android apps offer a range of new functionality. For the first time ever, we have a new native object on both iOS and Android - the menu object - improving look and feel. We also have improved notifications. With this update you no longer have to open the app to view your notifications. Instead they are displayed in Apple's Notification Center with the notification text displayed, allowing you to take action immediately. Improved notifications require that you run TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 Update 3. In addition to these, we also offer the following features:

for android

  • New document browser view with tabs and layout choice
  • Display Bookmark and Popular folders
  • Display Managed folder if set up in Roles
  • New fast access to analysis preview (requires TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 or later)
  • Support for accessing pinned folders (requires TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 or later)
  • New document search view
  • Measure selector
  • Support search only
  • Support for fingerprint reader for device ownership verification 
  • Support for Android 7 multi windows mode

for ios

  • Display popular documents across all users
  • Display Managed folder if set up in Roles
  • Add/remove/move pinned folders
  • Force refresh in document browser (pull down list of documents)
  • URL actions
  • Sorting on crosstab columns


See for yourself what all the excitement's about

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