TARGIT deployment

Microsoft integration kit

BI inside Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint

Embed context-aware dashboards and reports directly into your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, or SharePoint solution to ensure everyone always has the relevant data at their fingertips to make decisions faster.

Add interactive dashboards in just a few clicks

SharePoint Dynamics WebPart

Dynamic Web Part

for fully interactive dashboards
TARGIT’s Dynamic Web Part lets users choose any object or analysis and add it to their SharePoint pages or Dynamics entities such as accounts or item templates.
  • Maximum flexibility when inserting objects
  • Continuously updated information with real-time capabilities
  • All TARGIT objects, data, and security inherited directly from the existing TARGIT solution

Snapshot Web Part

for static content
TARGIT’s Snapshot Web Part publishes a snapshot of a particular report, analysis, or object into your SharePoint portal or Dynamics role center.
  • Users are in full control of scheduled data updates
  • Static visualizations based on company data
  • Ideal for communicating a few key objects or to illustrate a monthly status for all portal users
  • Relevant for those who do not require deep levels of detail
  • No additional licensing required
SharePoint Snapshop

Context-aware analytics

All TARGIT Decision Suite dashboards and analyses can be configured to be context aware. Dashboards automatically adapt their views to specific customer cards or items.


Fully customized integration options

With the integration kits for Microsoft products, it's easy to customize colors and behavior so the experience becomes your own.  


Your data where you work most

Incorporate and display data from every system inside or outside the organization in your Microsoft Dynamics products or SharePoint portal. Users are always just one click away from advanced analytics capabilities.

Let's talk about how embedded BI can streamline your business

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