TARGIT for Google Analytics

Business Intelligence projects often start with your ERP or CRM systems. This is where organizations have seen their need for reporting and analytics for years. But adding to that, the business critical data from Google Analytics will improve your understanding of the drivers within the sales and marketing funnel.
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Combining Google data with ERP data

TARGIT for Google Analytics gives you insight into the valuable sweet spot at the intersection between your current ERP or CRM data and the data harnessed from your website. Integrate and analyze web data alongside your current company data at the click of the button.

Not just a marketing tool

Today, Google Analytics information rarely makes its way out of companies’ Marketing Departments, as it’s often perceived as a time-consuming tool that’s difficult to master. But with TARGIT, you can now bring all of those essential measures and dimensions into your data warehouse and make it accessible company-wide. It’s also easy to set up a portal to share information about web visitors with external partners tailored to the campaigns or geography relevant to them.
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One platform for all your analytics and reporting needs

Adding another analytics platform on top of your current Google Analytics might not make a lot of sense at first. Many webmasters will argue that they already have all the information they need within Google Analytics. But having that information is only scratching the surface of the power of analytics if you don’t know what to do with it. Get a complete picture of your web ROI with TARGIT reports and analyses that display your Google data alongside your existing data.

New possibilities


Reporting is currently a hassle with Google Analytics, especially if the reports need to be customized for each recipient. With TARGIT for Google Analytics, you can easily schedule reports that only contain information related to the campaign or country that the recipients need to know about.


Security and access to data is controlled in systems you know and own, and is not linked to individual user accounts.

Advanced Segments can be saved with the individual analysis or report, so everyone is looking at the same picture. Add the individual criteria one at the time, instead of building new ones every time you need to look at a combination of segments.

Benchmark your different sites, profiles or user groups defined by browser, demography, or anything else that is relevant with simple drag and drop technology.

Infinite page path levels is an out of the box feature. You are not limited to only the four levels available in Google Analytics.

Agents are notifications created instantly by simply adding colors to the data that needs your attention. You’ll never again miss critical information, such as if important pages have an increased bounce rate or exit percentage.

Prepare your organization for future demands or challenges. Based on historical data you can let TARGIT calculate and show you the expected future of your website.
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Understand the ROI

Get a complete picture of exactly where the resources you allocate to your website activities are going and if it’s working, whether examining data inside of outside of your company. Get analyses on demand or delivered to your inbox when you want know the return on your marketing investments.

Understand what the data tells you

Marketers live in a fast-paced world, and they are often among the first to adopt new technologies and techniques in their work. They adopt new words, and give old words new meanings. In this ebook, some of the most common words used when talking about websites is explained, as well as why you should know them.

Standard integration between TARGIT and Google Analytics

Getting up and running with TARGIT for Google Analytics is fast and easy. All you have to do is run the appropriate TARGIT Business Intelligence Accelerator, and you can start working right away.

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Not a Google Analytics user yet?

Google Analytics is a free tool and you can get up and running in no time. If your organization is using another website tracking system, don’t worry. TARGIT is partnered with some of the world’s leading CMS developers so there’s a good chance we can help you as well. Contact us for more information on what the right solution is for you.