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New and improved data discovery, deep integration, enhanced customization,  bigger big data capabilities - all yours in the newest version of the best-in-class TARGIT Decision Suite 2014. Be among the first to download the new version, available now!

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Analytics made easy for everyone

Enhanced Intelligent Wizard

Improved with discrete and effortless collaboration and more advanced sorting options.

Bigger Big Data

Now with native connections to Microsoft Analytics Platform System, Google BigQuery, Hortonworks, Cloudera, HDInsight, MongoDB, EXASOL, and SAS.

New and Improved Apps

Get even more power with the improved Gauge Builder app and TARGIT Statistics app.

Introducing Data Service

Easily combine external data sources with internal sources into a single analysis or report.

TARGIT Anywhere Client

Generate and share Dashboards and Storyboards on any device with an internet connection - your data, delivered everywhere.

New Bullet Graph

This release includes a bullet graph with a linear and no-frills design that provides a rich display of data in a small space. It's a great addition to the cool charts, gauges and maps already available in the Suite.

Introducing new features and functionalities 

wizardThe new Intelligent Wizard presents relevant data based on popularity by the both specific user AND all other users on the system by automatically keeping track of all data usage. Other sorting options include by Context (logical cube-like structure), Relevance (best match without grouping), and Alphabetic.
big dataNative connections to Microsoft Analytics Platform System (previously Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse), Google BigQuery, Hortonworks (HDP), Cloudera (CDH), HDInsight, MongoDB, EXASOL, and SAS means you only need one tool to work with all of your data, no matter where it comes from.
gauge builderIntroducing two new apps to the TARGIT app store. With the more intuitive, versatile Gauge Builder, users will be able to create their own gauges, customizing their experience and the way they want to see their data displayed. Next, the new TARGIT Statistics app collects user data and data warehouse information. This is the perfect tool for cleaning up your data warehouse or getting an overview of the most popular documents in the Decision Suite so you can give them a more prominent placement.
TARGIT Data Service is designed to be the easiest way to combine data sources into a single analysis or report without any developer skills needed. Pre-built plug-ins include Microsoft CSV, Azure Data Market, Directory, Excel, OData, ODBC, and Quandl but you can also write your own for ultimate agility and versatility.

visualizationsDecision Suite 2014's new Visualization object is our most flexible generic object yet, with options to insert dynamic text and values, translations, and so much more. This no-frills design provides a rich display of data in a small space. It's a great addition to the already list of aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-understand charts, gauges, and maps already available in the Decision Suite.

anywhereWelcome to the age of the TARGIT Anywhere Client. With new "on-device" Storyboards and Dashboards, you don't even need a computer to share storyboards. With the Decision Suite 2014, users can consume Dashboards and Storyboards on the "internet of things." In other words, deploy your TARGIT solution more broadly throughout your organization on mobile devices, shop equipment, and any other device with a browser. Make your Dashboards accessible directly in manufacturing equipment on the production floor.

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