Big Data

TARGIT is one platform for all data sources.

Focus on the business questions

Forward-thinking business leaders worry about how to capitalize on the insights coming from Big Data to build better products, better strategies, and better businesses.

What do you want to learn about your customers, organizations, and the environment you operate within? Maybe you worry about customer behavior, fraud detection, or analyzing sensor data. The possibilities almost endless. It has to start with what’s relevant for the business.

When you identify those questions, it's clear which data sources you need to tap into.

We bring the information that's relevant to you into the same user-interface as other business data you're already analyzing.    

Some of the Big Data Platforms we connect to

google big query    exasol       cloudera     mongodb     


Easy to get started

TARGIT offers standard connections to the leading databases built for Big Data. If it's possible to establish an ODBC connection, you're already on your way to analyzing your data in TARGIT.  

Think ahead, even if you aren't ready for Big Data yet

Even if you think your organization isn’t ready for Big Data yet, we recommend you chose a business intelligence platform that's ready for the future. TARGIT connects to any data source, including your data warehouse, business applications, spreadsheets, external data sources, and big data platforms. The solution is built for agile business decision making, and will grow with your organization when you need to deploy data-driven decision making to more business users, on more and bigger data sources. 

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