CSV Files

Add your CSV files to TARGIT Decision Suite

Add CSV files to your TARGIT solution

CSV files are one of the most common export options form a variety of applications. With TARGIT Decision Suite, you get the option of using CSV files in your ETL process when building your data warehouse or adding them ad-hoc for data discovery.

Adding new data saved in CSV is easy, and TARGIT will automatically recognize the data types and build data models that are ready to use.

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Streamline your many sources of information into one user-friendly platform
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Combine outside data sources with your existing data warehouse
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Share your analysis with as many -- or as few -- people as you like with central governance

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Don't be boxed in by data source limitations. Integrate data from all your systems and databases into a single world view.

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Can’t find your data source above? Don’t worry, with thousands of installations worldwide, we've worked with data from almost every business application and database. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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