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Most companies don't find much use for Google Analytics data outside the Marketing department. And what is utilized is often hard to decode for new users. We fixed that for you. Import all of your Google Analytics data into TARGIT Decision Suite to mash it up with other marketing data, sales data, and more to create reports and analyses the whole company finds valuable.
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Access is maintained in one centralized system rather than individual user accounts
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Customize analyses to serve the needs of every person in your organization then send them automatically

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Store your data locally and customize the data model to break free of Google's customization limitations

TARGIT Google Analytics Accelerator

Adding another analytics platform on top of your current Google Analytics account might not seem like a lot of sense at first, but your web data is only one piece of the puzzle to a complete overview. You're getting the power of an enterprise BI tool pre-built for your exact needs. Start with the analyses we included then combine all of your data sources. You'll have a clearer picture of what goes on in all parts of your organization in no time. 

The pre-built content analysis helps you keep track of which pages your customers and prospects are visiting. Understand what your visitors want to see and how you can better serve them to be more loyal customers. Some of the measures included are:

  • Pageviews
  • Unique pageviews
  • Time on page in seconds
  • Entrances
  • Exits
  • Bounces

Keep a pulse on how your audience is interacting with your site to optimize their experience. Is mobile a bigger percentage of your new traffic than you expected? See where that traffic is coming from and build an experience that keeps your visitors engaged. Some of the measures you can use to analyze engagement metrics are:

  • Entrance rate
  • Exit rate
  • Session duration
  • Time on page
  • Goal conversion rate

Keep the whole team on the same page with a general overview of site or app activity. Start with our pre-built dashboard, then customize the most prominent numbers and drill into each report to see what may be driving change. Display the overview in your work space to keep everyone motivated or use it as a start page for the web team. In this analysis you'll find:

  • Visits over time
  • Visitor type
  • Number of pageviews
  • Visits by traffic type

It's important to have maximum compatibility across all technology platforms, but should you be allocating more resources to one or two in particular? Keep track of how your visitors are viewing your website and be sure the content is optimized to serve them. In this analysis you'll monitor:

  • Visits by device category
  • Audience language
  • Visits by browser
  • Number of visit over time

Build a complete profile of your web visitors. You'll start to understand how they found you, where in the world they are, how they're viewing your site, and when they visited. Use these details to drill down on specific segments and understand how you can increase engagement in the various personas that make up your audience. In this analysis, we get you started with:

  • Visits over time
  • Visits by location
  • Visits by traffic type
  • Visits by device

Access Anywhere

Not all decisions are made behind a desk.

Share your successes with the whole organization using storyboards on monitors or update your always-on-the-go leadership team with reports they can access on their phones. Choose the deployment option that works for you to get the whole team on board. 

See Other Data Sources

Don't be boxed in by data source limitations. Integrate data from all your systems and databases into a single world view.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Can’t find your data source above? Don’t worry, with thousands of installations worldwide, we've worked with data from almost every business application and database. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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