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Deliver the best possible customer experience when you have all of your data in one place. Analyze how your customers interact with you online and in person then let the system alert you with notifications to improve the experience. Haven't heard from someone in 60 days? TARGIT will remind you to reach out.
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Dive deeper into your lead and customer interactions with visualizations built in seconds
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Build a complete overview of your marketing campaigns, leads, and customers in no time
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Measure your marketing impact against financial, sales, and inventory data

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accelerator

Deploy data models instantly over your CRM solution with the TARGIT Accelerator. The development tools allows for easy customization of measures and dimensions. Read more about what you get with TARGIT Accelerators.

Pre-built data models

We'll match the unique needs of any business area with pre-built models that make it fast and easy to get started. See some of the models available right out of the box.


Understand where your sales force allocates their time based on what activities they've logged. Analyze this information alongside campaigns and contacts to build a lean, mean, selling machine. Start with these measures and dimensions available for analysis:
  • Actual duration minutes
  • Number of activities
  • Scheduled duration minutes
  • Activity type
  • Campaign activity
  • Opportunity


Where are they coming from and which ones are turning into pipeline? With the measures and dimensions available for analyzing leads, you get the answers you need instantly. Understand what campaigns are working -- and more importantly why. Create your own dashboards that display follow up progress, and receive instant notifications if a given campaign is under-performing. Some of the measures and dimensions available for analysis include:

  • Number of leads
  • Lead company
  • Lead source
  • Lead owner
  • Campaign name
  • Campaign type


Track your pipeline with the ability to create comparisons of salespeople and business units to predict how much revenue you can expect. With insight into the time between opportunity creation date and actual closing date, you’ll soon be able to determine what’s working and what’s not. Get insight into products, campaigns, and salespeople to find areas for growth. Analyze across a long range of measures and dimensions including:

  • Actual open days
  • Probability percentage
  • Average actual open days
  • Campaign
  • Lead source
  • Opportunity owner


Need to know what quotes are out there right now? Or if a given product mix resulted in more lost than won orders? Use your historical close rate to easily predict your expected order intake. Then adjust your inventory so you can meet your customers’ demands. Analyze across measures and dimensions including:
  • Quote net revenue
  • Number of quotes
  • Quote unit price
  • Quote status
  • Sales representative
  • Product category

Sales Orders

It’s one thing to manage your pipeline; it’s an entirely different beast to see what’s actually been sold. What campaigns are giving the largest return on investment, and what customer segments are buying, what are they buying, and how often? Answers to these questions are essential for driving your business in the right direction. Analyze across measures and dimensions including:

  • Number of sales orders
  • Sales order revenue
  • Sales order quantity
  • Period dimension
  • Products
  • Sales representative
Embedded BI

Embedded BI

Open analyses and reports in the applications you already use every day

Every person has applications and internal sites that they log into every day. When you embed TARGIT into those places, everyone is looking at the same data. No more outdated spreadsheets in your inbox.

See Other Data Sources

Don't be boxed in by data source limitations. Integrate data from all your systems and databases into a single world view.

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