Wynne for rental

Seamless integration of your Wynne Systems data

Use TARGIT with Wynne for Rental

Unlock the insight within your Wynne Systems data with TARGIT Decision Suite. We'll help you uncover trends, causation, and meaning behind the numbers that you may have never seen before.

Import your Wynne for Rental data directly into TARGIT to measure and monitor the most important KPIs for your heavy equipment dealership. Mash up data against any data source to uncover patterns, improve sales strategies, and track parts and services. With alerts and automated reports, you can keep a pulse on your entire business with ease.

See what else you can do with TARGIT's custom analytics solutions for heavy equipment dealers.
Wynne for Rental
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End-to-end insight of the entire sales process

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Real-time access to KPIs such as utilization time, rental days left, and maintenance-to-income ratios.

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Automatic alerts inform you whenever a number falls outside set parameters

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