One Tool - All your Data Sources

Work with all your data, no matter where it comes from

Consolidate all your business applications such as ERP and CRM systems and add data from anywhere: marketing, R&D, finance, and more. Connect to databases, files or cloud services.

With more than 5000 installations around the world, we have tried and tested most databases, and the number of different applications on top of those databases are endless. With TARGIT, your databases can be relational as well as multidimensional. 

Data warehouse or not?

An important part of your Business Intelligence project is to get the data foundation in place. Building a data warehouse is for many the right choice, and for many the right option is to add cubes on top to get the best performance when slicing and dicing their data. However, with TARGIT, you do not need a data warehouse, as many other options for accessing your data are available. It depends on your business. Our experienced consultants will guide you to the right solution for your organization. Contact us

data sources architecture

Future proof backend

The majority of TARGIT installations are based on Microsoft SQL Server and is the preferred solution for our partners and consultants.  Opposite other BI platforms, we do not rely on a proprietary backend that only have a limited number of professionals worldwide.

Data sources that provide data to TARGIT solutions

TARGIT solutions can be based on all data sources. We have implemented successful solutions on various data sources, and together with our partners we have developed standard solutions for many different business applications that gives you a solid foundation for your business intelligence platform.

Below, we have listed some of data sources that provide data to TARGIT solutions:

Data Sources
Oracle Hyperion
Microsoft Excel
Oracle JD Edwards
Google BigQuery

Power to the business users

With TARGIT Decision Suite, the IT department simply needs to maintain the data model. The power lies in the hands of the users who can then analyze across data sources and customize reports, dashboards, and analyses to match their exact needs.

See the powerful frontend in action

Add data on the fly

The data model behind your corporate reporting must be managed and controlled by data management experts to ensure everyone is working with accurate data. This often causes a bottleneck in your daily operations, and sometimes the business users need the ability to add new data sources to the equation. That’s why TARGIT offers a data discovery that module that allows user to add and combine new data to the existing solution. 

The TARGIT Data Discovery module adds this capability both for the individual user and for power users at a corporate level.