Microsoft Analytics Platform System

When data becomes big, and you don’t want to wait

Many enterprise size companies have massive amounts of data that they need to work with alongside increasing amounts of unstructured data from sources such as social media, sensors and other devices. 

In such scenarios, working in the traditional data warehouse will pose some challenges. Combining the technologies of SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) and HDInsight is often the better answer.

What is Microsoft Analytics Platform System?

While the Analytics Platform System (APS), also known as the parallel data warehouse (PDW) has the familiar face of SQL Server, it distinguishes itself by its Massively Parallel Processing design. It can scale your storage from a few terabytes to six petabytes in a single instance, all while keeping data analysis fast. It consists of hardware and software designed together, in order to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. According to Microsoft, the Analytics Platform System is 50 times faster than a classical data warehouse, thus running queries in minutes instead of hours, and seconds instead of minutes.

Bring speed to the decision-making process

The design of the Analytics Platform System (APS) means that the performance of analyzing petabytes of data will feel like analyzing a few gigabytes. With this back-end in place, the business user will be able to work with massive amounts of data through the graphical user interface of TARGIT Decision Suite without any performance delays. He can set up alerts to warn him when action is needed, and drill into details in an instant. As you know, TARGIT is all about bringing speed to the decision making process. 

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