Business intelligence for

AIRPORT Management

Turns data from every department into instant insight

75% of international airports are still using delayed, silo-based data – is your airport among those? Prepare your airport for the future of travel with TARGIT Decision Suite.

Strategic Framework

TARGIT Momentum Workshop is our strategic framework that TARGIT consultants use to design a unique enterprise solution for every airport customer. We’re with you every step of the way.

step one

Map Your BI Needs

We’ll guide you through the steps of connecting all kind of different data sources to one solution that suits the needs for every single department within the airport. Every stakeholder interested may be involved in the process of becoming a data-driven airport.
step two

Measure What Matters

Our extensive experience and knowledge from the airport and BI industry make it possible for us to guide you towards the right measures and KPI’s that really make a difference for every department within your airport operations and management.
step 3

Establish the Best BI Strategy

Our workshop does not only help you create better operations for your airport – it also helps your airport create a tailored BI strategy. The philosophy of TARGIT revolves around an Action Loop that goes from observation, orientation, decision, and finally into action. With our solution, these four steps are completed faster and better than ever before.
step four

Ensure Wide BI Adoption

The stakeholder involvement from Step 1 help your airport secure a successful implementation of your BI solution for the entire enterprise. By knowing what information is needed for every department, all users will adopt to the tailored solution instantly. We help you anchor the solution so you will end up with one tool, one skillset, and one shared vision for your airport.

Optimize Your Airport Operations

The future of travel is not linear. Because travel behavior is not linear. Those that plan that way will undoubtedly fail. Prepare your airport for the future of travel today. 

Reach out to TARGIT Airport Expert Mikkel Oldenburg and learn more about how we can improve your airport operations.

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