Business Intelligence in Distribution

To stay agile and competitive in the distribution business amongst the ever-growing number of global competitors, you need a full overview of your business. You also have to balance customer demands while controlling costs in an industry where tight margins and excess inventory are part of everyday life.
business intelligence and analytics in distribution
business intelligence and analytics in distribution

Combine data sources to optimize distribution

To succeed in distribution, it's important to be able to accurately forecast customer demand, determine timing of logistics, and optimally shorten the length of time between order and delivery. You'll see the effects of your happy customers in your bottom line.

Providing a clear overview of your distribution data

Business Intelligence will help you answer important distribution questions

  • What do our customers demand and at what rates?
  • What are our inventory turnover rates and projections? 
  • Which suppliers perform best? 
  • How can we shorten delivery time and prevent loss? 
  • Where can we reduce costs? 
  • Are we on budget? 
BI for AX

Optimize your distribution business

Reduce delivery time and prevent loss

It's vital for a distribution company that suppliers deliver the right products at the right time – and without loss. Most distribution companies experience lost sales and returns due to improper shipments and defective items – and it's crucial to be able to look into these problems to analyze where something went wrong.

Best performing suppliers

TARGIT lets you know how suppliers perform, and can detect why a vendor drags gross profit in the wrong direction. With this knowledge, you can determine shipping and logistics time, and shorten the time between order and delivery – or maybe change your vendor if your Business Intelligence tool reveals the need.

Compare invoiced orders to budget

business intelligence and analytics in distribution

To survive as a distribution business, you need to be able to keep costs as low as possible to increase operational efficiency across the board. TARGIT assists in analyzing and reducing fixed physical costs while monitoring and responding quickly to highly fluctuating variable costs. 

You can compare your order volume to invoiced orders to match them with the previous invoicing period to see if your business is moving in the right direction. 

Based on the analyses from TARGIT, we have successfully minimized the number of sales campaigns while selling more items from the shelves at the same time."

Anne Fivelsdal, analysis and space management manager in SuperGros

business intelligence and analytics in distribution

See solutions tailored for your role and needs

business intelligence and analytics in distribution

Benefits the entire business chain

HQ, different units, and even suppliers can benefit from the Business Intelligence solution. Imagine if your entire organization had access to information on orders, were constantly able to track quantities of orders in various markets, and could react quickly if a particular market demands an extra effort.

With TARGIT, everyone can access information through the Business Intelligence system. Your suppliers can even access important business information. In this way, they can benchmark themselves, and optimize performance based on results from peers and competitors.

ad hoc analytics

Clear overview of your data

For your business to perform in the best way possible, the most important thing is to have a clear overview of your data. Most distribution businesses are drowning in data, but if you don’t have the right tools to create an easy overview, data become useless.