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TARGIT Decision Suite's heavy equipment analytics deliver full insight into financials, sales, parts, services, and fleet. Set data free to employees from every department and experience unprecedented company cohesion. Pinpoint weaknesses and strengths for improved performance throughout the entire company.

This is analytics designed for the heavy equipment industry
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Complete Analytics for Every Department

Instant insight into data reveals best practices for improving performance across all office locations. Foster transparency so employees can benchmark and compare. Drill down and see performance, inventory turn rate, and other key metrics across locations, divisions, and customers.


All your most important fleet and rental KPIs at your fingertips

days rented

See how many days you’ve accumulated rentals of your machines by store, customer, and model with the ability to dynamically drill by time period.


Instant insight to inventory status by machine makes and models. See exactly how many units are on-hand, their current status, book value, and sales price.


Get a quick overview on your key Fleet KPIs for the current year showing Days Rented, Book Value, Gross Profit Percentage, and Rental Revenue. Want to know more on any KPI?Simply click on the dashboard and drill into a more in-depth analysis.

rental rev - invoiced

Want to know how much revenue you’ve invoiced over time by customer, store, and model? You get everything in a single dashboard. Drill in further for transactional level details of every number.


Instant insight into performance


Get in-depth insight into your customer’s rental revenue, how much they have been invoiced, and what is the Gross Profit Percentage. Compare company locations for Gross Profit Percentage against a goal.

department gross profit

Get an in-depth look at sales by department (Rental, Parts, Services, and Sales) and drill into each store to see how they are performing in each area.

rolling sales

The Rolling Sales Analysis gives you direct access to store performance over time in the key departments – Sales, Parts, Services, and Rentals.  Drill in by store or time period for more detailed information. 

Kirby Smith relies on TARGIT

“We now can make informed decisions based on actionable data versus what we thought or think we know about various aspects of the company’s performance.”

J.D. Young, Financial VP-CFO, Kirby-Smith


Say goodbye to manual reporting and static Excel spreadsheets

financial ratios

Instant insight into core financial ratios such as Current Ratio, Debt-to-Equity, and ROA over time with trending. Set benchmarks with color agents to see what is over-performing versus under-performing.

operating statement

A robust Operating Statement lets dealers to analyze performance doing over time, by store, and across all departments – Sales, Parts, Services, and Rental. You will also be able to expand your Account Levels down to five levels and drill into the transactional-level details that make up any given number presented.  

operations by seasonality

Analyze seasonal trends in the Operating Statements and filter by accounts, store, account group, and many other dimensions.

receivables by customer

Quickly analyze your customers by their current receivables balance and see what salesperson is responsible for that particular customer. This analysis is a great tool to determine if additional credit is available for customers and their current balance.

balance sheet by seasonality

Similar to the Operating Statement Seasonality, track seasonal trends in the Balance Sheet and filter by department, accounts, store, and many more. This current example shows the Balance Sheet Seasonality filtered by Current Assets under Inventory. 

Parts & Services

Full insight into the status of every machine at every location

parts inventory

Give your parts department full insight into how individual parts are performing with inventory turnover over time along with the Ending Balance of what is on hand.

utilization & maintenance

View key metrics of your machines such as Maintenance-to-Income ratios, Time Utilization, Potential Rental Days, Rental Revenue Income, Rental Revenue Invoiced, and Maintenance costs allocation (internal, customer, warranty, etc.). This analysis is invaluable for both the Services and Rental departments.

heavy equipment analytics

“Management can assess when it is the right time to dispose of rental fleet equipment or when we need to change the mix of our fleet, therefore increasing ROI.”

katherine kelly, sales operations manager, kelly tractor

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