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You wouldn't drill with inadequate equipment. You shouldn't make business decisions with inadequate tools.

TARGIT Decision Suite seamlessly integrates all financial and operational data from any system and provides users with fast, accurate, user-friendly reports and analyses.
This is business intelligence and analytics designed for the oil and gas industry.
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Measure the most important KPIs

Monitor what matters most to your company. Tracking the right set of KPIs will give you instant access to the data you need most to make better business decisions.

Instant access to your most important financial data

TARGIT Decision Suite delivers data in easy-to-consume dashboards with the most important financial KPIs in an instant. From LOS, Lease Operating Costs, Cost Center Analyses, Year-over-Year Results, and more, make your data accessible to the entire organization when and where they need it.

authorization for expenditure summary

Quick and easy insight into budget and spending on well costs. This analysis breaks down AFE information by budgeted year and AFE type and shows both summary and account detail-level data.

capital spend analysis

The Capital Spend dashboard provides a quick view into the YTD expenditures helping management understand their capital expenditures. This dashboard displays high-level information and allows the user to trigger other analyses to further drill into the information necessary to manage these projects.

cash flow

The Operating Cash Flow dashboard displays Total Revenue, Total Expense, and Cash Flow by Region. It also provides a quick view of cash flow performance over the last 12 rolling months in a bar graph.

year-over-year results

The Year-Over-Year Results dashboard shows results for revenue, operating expenses, and lease operating expenses (LOE), and provides a fast trending view of revenue versus expenses and volumes. The dashboard also parents revenues and expenses information by region, displayed in map form and color-coded to show lowest to highest revenue and expense value.

Operations data at your fingertips

Make better decisions based on the most up-to-date data available.

cost center analysis

Compare information related to specific accounts or account groups.

lease operating costs

The LOE dashboard provides high-level insight into costs incurred by an operator to keep the well producing after the initial cost of drilling and completing a well. 

lease operating statement

Quickly and easily create a customized LOS at any level of your organization's structure with the ability to dynamically drill down by: multiple hierarchical structures, activity and accounting dates, company, field supervisors, location, and more.

well summary

Well summary cash flow provides much the same information as an LOS, but is presented in a Cost Center representation. This makes it easy to compare revenue expenses for two or more cost centers.


"TARGIT allows us to quickly delve into the details behind a revenue or expense category so we can quickly act on changing conditions."

Neil Voorhies, Systems Support & Special Projects Manager, W&T Offshore

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