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Governmental institutions

Using data to become efficient

TARGIT Decision Suite supports the objective of being efficient and transparent while improving administrative processes.

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A Business Intelligence platform allows your organization to build a stronger economy. 

Sturdy financial management in governmental organizations should not only revolve around monitoring 
expenses and revenue, it should also be about establishing an overview of how resources are distributed and whether or not your orgnanization reaches its targets.  

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Save time and resources while improving your decision-making process. 

With TARGIT Decision Suite a range of manuel processes are automated. This simplifies day-to-day financial management as well as other organizational processes where data is collected. 

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TARGIT assists public organizations with portal solutions and Anywhere clients. Learn more about how other uses TARGIT. 

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Data Governance

Data Governance affect the value of your BI solution.

First of all security modeling - guaranteeing that sensitive information is only made accessable to certain individuals. 

And second of all user management - enhancing efficiency by assuring that users are only able to acquire the information they need. 

Data Governance

Denmark's National Agency for IT and learning

TARGIT has delivered a solution, that provides data about student absences, grades, social well-being, educational status etc. 

The purpose is to give school boards, parents, students, teachers, principals and politicians a better and varied foundation to develop the schools and to choose the right school for their children

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A user friendly platform

No matter which department you are in or how advanced your IT skills are, you will be able to use TARGIT - TARGIT is for everyone. 
When data use is determined, TARGIT will be able to meet the analysis requirements of the entire organization. 
Dashboards to provide an overview, in-depth analysis or scheduled reporting - you will have a joint basis for decision-making and the ability to share knowledge across the entire organization.

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