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Overview of all activities

Data provides municipalities with a strong basis for decision-making - create an overview and gain insight with TARGIT. 

A presentation tool that connects the dots

We provide you with a common starting point - from mayor to social worker. All information is made accessible on one joint platform as opposed to being scattered around in different systems. With TARGIT you all have access to the same information and are given the same starting point for data analysis. This saves you time as well as resources and assists you in optimizing decision-making processes and your organization in general. 

A user-friendly platform

No matter which department you are in or how advanced your IT skills are you will be able to use TARGIT - TARGIT is for everyone. Whenever you need it, TARGIT will provide you with the insight and level of detail you require. Causal relations are made more apparent and you will acquire new knowledge on everything from local conditions to work load and stress levels. 
With TARGIT you get everything from scheduled reporting to realtime notifications.

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“It is a great advantage that we are now able to act faster, and we now have a basis on which we can make the right decisions” 

Steen Vinderslev, Director of the Central Administration at MIDDELFART Municipality

Easy access to the data you need

Work with external and internal data without involving the IT Department while taking security precautions. It is simple to add WRAC, managerial appraisals and employee satisfaction analyses. 
Furthermore, the platform enables you to benchmark against other municipalities using MIS data. 

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