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With a Business Intelligence platform that can easily be deployed across many users of varying IT-skill levels, you can prepare all managers and employees for the challenges of tomorrow.

Putting words into action

Regional responsibilities are many and expectations of receiving more for less are ever increasing. These expectations apply to welfare funds as well as regional development. 
TARGIT supports your managerial culture and provides you with a comprehensive overview of field data and the tools you need to strengthen your economy. 


Overview and Insight

The infinite amount of possibilities of TARGIT Decision Suite connect obtainable data and collect it in well-structured reports and analyses - for the right person, at the right place at the right time. 
You will be provided with easy and fast access to all the information you need and therefore be able to find answers and act quickly. 

You will be provided with the tools you need to distribute resources efficiently and thereby be able to avoid expensive overtime and minimize the risks of stress and absence.  

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"The usual guesswork at corporate meetings is non-existent. We all have access to the same data, displayed on a story board and do not have to waste time on discussing who has the right numbers"

Christian Cato Holm, IT-developer, Næstved Hospital

Balance in the healthcare sector

Balancing efficiency, quality and solicitude is not an easy task. TARGIT Decision Suite enhances transparency and provides you with a tool for analysis and financial management. 
You are given the opportunity to monitor the patient's course of treatment across different departments thereby minimizing the risk of errors. 


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