Business Intelligence for LS Retail

TARGIT for LS Retail provides LS Retail customers with one consolidated view of information, with visibility to all aspects of the business, including channels, stores, chains, categories, inventories and financials. That's what we call true Retail Business Intelligence.

Business insight that retailers need

Retail is one of the most diverse, complex, and dynamic business environment there is. Thousands of ever changing products, loyalty programs, high staff turnover, seasonal buying patterns, high and low-margins products, and ongoing promotions challenge even the most seasoned industry veteran.

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Meet the challenges head on with TARGIT for LS Retail

This highly competitive business also faces the challenges of growing fraud and an ever-changing customer behavior. With all this uncertainty in the retail environment, the need for new and accurate information to help you make the right decisions has never been more important.

Business insight requirements

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A centralized data warehouse that can handle all data relevant for reporting and analysis

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A tool that provides agile approach to data warehousing; that is, the process of extracting, transforming and loading data into the data warehouse
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A tool that simplifies creation of cubes for the analysis of data

What is Business Intelligence?

We can discuss what Business Intelligence solutions like TARGIT can do for you, and we can talk about the many features that are built into TARGIT’s solution in particular. But even if you can put all of the pieces together that way, a puzzle is no good to you if it’s upside-down. 

Let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. The free e-book will give you the information you need in order to make the tough decisions.

Performance information to decision makers
- based on their role

TARGIT for LS Retail provides insight for decision makers, empowering them with the most up-to-date, accurate information. By extracting and consolidating data in a data warehouse from multiple business systems, the solution quickly delivers customized actionable performance information to decision makers based on their roles in the organization.

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Store managers are able to track sales, promotions, inventory turns, out-of-stock SKUs, margin by category, department, store clerk and other dimensions of choice

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Regional or chain sales executives are able to monitor top performing stores, categories and inventory levels
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Category managers can track product line and vendor performance
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The CEO and CFO are able to track financial performance of the enterprise as well as categories, chains, regions and stores

Get the most value from your data

Due to the highly dynamic environment, retail companies need a BI solution that supports quick implementation and deployment that can immediately meet their information requirements. 

TARGIT for LS Retail supports short implementation iterations and easy changes. Data is extracted, transformed, and integrated faster and reports and analyses are always current. 

The data warehouse can be easily adapted to meet changing requirements to meet the demands of business users for new insights and information.

TARGIT for LS Retail supports short-term iteration. It's possible to build the first prototype in only a few hours and turn it into a production-ready solution in just a matter of days. This makes TARGIT for LS Retail the fastest operating tool on the market.