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End-to-end omnichannel insight

Instant insight into every facet of your retail business is yours at the touch of a button with TARGIT Decision Suite. You get beautiful dashboards, in-depth reports, and comprehensive analytics delivered to employees when and where they need them for data-driven decision-making around every part of the customer journey.
This is analytics designed for the retail industry

Complete analytics for every department

Break down the data silos. TARGIT Decision Suite's business analytics for retail combines data from every data source throughout the company for a single, consolidated view from store shelves to customers' shopping carts and every step in between. User-friendly reports and analyses deliver answers instantly to your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


Dig deep into the online shopping activities of your customers and prospects so you can improve the online shopping experience.

Sales by Country

Drill in to Sales by Country to see which countries are under- or over-performing and find out why.

By Device

Knowing which device shoppers are using to navigate your site will help you design a better online shopping platform.


Monitor the online shopping habits of your customers and prospects to identify trends, improve the online shopping experience, and boost web traffic and sales.


Monitor eCommerce sales by country, device, and time period. Drill into details for more information on location and average revenue per visit.

Break down data silos throughout your entire retail organization. Learn how to free data for all in five simple steps.


Critical insight into the performance of your stores, employees, and products.

Manager Dashboard

Create dashboards tailored to area managers so they can benchmark daily performance and see how they stack up against other areas.

Weekly Sales

Dig into your weekly sales for detailed insight into customers and margins.

Sales by Store

Understand how each individual store performs against the others.

Sales by Hour

Insight to your sales by time period indicates the time of day your brick and mortar locations perform best so you can plan accordingly.

Sales in Shops

Break down overall sales by location, sales person, and time of day to see where improvements can be made.

business analytics for retail

"We can keep stock levels 30 to 40 percent lower than before because of the tools TARGIT gives us. It's a tremendous improvement in efficiency."

Carsten Lauritsen, CEO, Message

Basket Size

Instant insight into the performance of your locations and employees.

Basket Size

This important Sales KPI sheds light on how much the average shopper is spending in your store.

by staff

Basket Size by Staff measures the performance of each retail employee on the floor. Instantly see who is over- or under-performing so you can provide targeted training, help staff improve, and increase overall sales.

by store

Drill down into the details to see how each store is performing. Not only does this data help managers improve their store's location, but it delivers insight into future expansion planning based on which locations perform well and why.

Airport retail shop

"With TARGIT, we can analyze and view the data needed in one cohesive report. The overall benefit when applying for new tenders is that we can run scenarios like, 'what will the impact be on sales and profitability if our capture rate increases by 1, 2, or 3%?'"

catalin momirla, it manager, aer rianta international north america

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